The Space Between Us

by LLE

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construction moving along...


released January 1, 2019


all rights reserved



Allen Wentz New York

I'm just scratching out my thoughts on the wall of the cave. Hopefully someone will find them in a thousand years and wonder.. So thats what they were like back then?

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Track Name: The Space Between Us
The Space Between Us

Words & Music: Allen Wentz

The space between us isn’t really very far
The space between us spans a million different galaxies
The space between us isn’t made of distant stars
The space between us is made of years

From Hong Kong to LA you glide with nothing in the way
And like a bird you land wherever you so please
Rain rolls off your back, your feathered wings of gentle black
Will spread to open up the sky for all to see

Time is the answer, but we never get enough
Time holds us firmly in the palm of its tender hand
Look up into the sky what do you see with naked eye
Light from a billion years ago, telling stories from a billion years ago,

Apartments made of glass, suspended high above the past
With sun just pouring in illuminating all
Nothing that I feel is any different than the wheel
That keeps on turning on its way to kingdom come

℗ & © 2019 From Wentz It Came, ASCAP
Track Name: 40 Million Radios
40 Million Radios

Music & Lyrics by Allen Wentz

Too late, something is happening, I can feel it all around
Too late something has happened, cool water is raining down
I swear something is happening I don’t wanna ever go back
I swear something has happened my bio-clock stopped a month ago

And I can hear the earthly sound of 40 million radios
Tuned in to mother nature, free range fed with nowhere to go

Pick up the pace, gotta get moving, sundown is right around the corner
Put down the phone, unlock your heart, quality time is a special order
Who are you to say I can’t do this, maybe all your music is out of sync
But you can’t rewind, you can’t fast-forward, you can only let it play out


You think about the future, and I will find a way
You’ve rearranged my emotional structure, and yet you still don’t know what to say to me

Out of my comfort zone, out of my mind, everything’s out of order
The sand is hot, it burns my feet, blistering as the sun at noon
Too late, something is happening, I can feel it all around
Too late something has happened, cool water is raining down


℗ & © 2019 From Wentz It Came, ASCAP
Track Name: Blue Martinis
Blue Martinis

music/lyrics by Allen Wentz

She works the floor from 8 to dawn
Wishing they might all be gone
Balancing trays and sanity with great aplomb

Got a boss in the back who’s often drunk
Would like to see him quartered, in a trunk
Wants to get home before the morning sun comes up

And I, can't live without her near me

She fills the shaker with lots of ice
Thought to blow her brains out once or twice
Blue Martinis don’t give advice to strangers

Better look twice before you cross
Directions would imply you’re lost
Your satellite hosting GPS is down tonight

I can’t live without you near me

I could never hold up that way
Yet she, puts up with it every day

You got nothing from that guru
Your eyes are staring right back at you
A train is coming down the track from far away

What you see is someone bleeding
Its you, your heart that needs love feeding
Every breath of air is for the one you love


Plant the seed, enjoy the process, soon you’ll see what love has brought us

guitar break

Bottoms up, its last call rising
One last patron, not surprising
Stubborn as the night is long its time to close

Clean the joint and warm the engine
The bite of cold requires attention
Blue Martinis don’t give advice to strangers


℗ & © 2019 From Wentz It Came, ASCAP

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