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sort of a scrapbook of the past decade


released June 19, 2010


all rights reserved



Allen Wentz New York

I'm just scratching out my thoughts on the wall of the cave. Hopefully someone will find them in a thousand years and wonder.. So thats what they were like back then?

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Track Name: Kathryn In Blue
Kathryn In Blue

Music & Lyrics: Allen Wentz

Kathryn in blue by the water
Nothing was true that they taught her
And now she believes in a picture someone else has painted
Now not alone, she wonders how it might turn out
Not really sure, but somewhere lies a bit of doubt

Kathryn is blue by the water
Wearing the ring that he bought her
Compromise winning yet another day
Picking her dress, and cake for all the people there
Settling down, into a life that goes nowhere

A little time for contemplation, and a drink or two
Security is such temptation, but a love thats true, is worth the wait


Shedding her tears and wondering how it might have been
If she had only listened to her heart back then

Kathryn in blue by the water
She never really believed what they taught her
And now her better days are right before her
It has been said, too many times to count I'm sure
Everyone has to love for its the only cure

©2005 From Wentz It Came, ASCAP
Track Name: Thats OK
Thats OK

Lay back, and close your eyes
Dream away,
The sun has gone from view
And if you get the chance
Say hello, to all my friends back home
Now, enter the center of time
And please, keep a log on the fire
For my day is drawing to a close

Chin up, had a pretty good run
Do I have regrets, you bet I've quite few
But what are we supposed to do
Thats ok

Einstein, Gilbert, Lennon and Dylan
Most are gone, but I'm still listening
Build upon the cornerstone
Add your own brick and call it home

You sleep, you wake, you freeze, you bake
Then your wife jumps out of a bachelor's cake
Well thats alright, you just have to laugh
Thats OK

©2010 From Wentz It Came, ASCAP
Track Name: Ernie's

There's a little place right down that sunny street
Its' got a lot of vibe, and so complete
Is the picture of a time when dancing girls
Smelled like roses in a humid world of ocean breezes and sandy beaches

Icy drinks down by the foamy water's tide
Hotel cabanas there on every side
Conch chowder and the writings, scrawled upon the wall
Bimini bread aroma there for all, soon you'll feel like a, new creation

Mahi Mahi and the foam upon my beer
Makes we wish that I could just stay here
Long legged beauties everywhere I seem to turn
Takes the sting out of my body's burning, shining lotion and all her motion

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