by Allen Wentz

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released January 4, 2010

©2010 From Wentz It Came, ASCAP


all rights reserved



Allen Wentz New York

I'm just scratching out my thoughts on the wall of the cave. Hopefully someone will find them in a thousand years and wonder.. So thats what they were like back then?

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Track Name: Or So It Seems
Or So It Seems

Try to imagine where you are
Are you there
Neurons are firing so fast that you don't care

Load 'em up
Synapse is prepared to take a breach
Load 'em up
Now I can see that everything's in reach

Navigating river beds that
Have been dry for thousands of eons
Is there any body home, or just methane ice

Whether we walk, or run
The distance screams impossible, or so it seems
Track Name: Psychotic (Hello Syd)
Psychotic (Hello Syd)

I am swinging on the swing with a strong breeze blowin'
I close my eyes and become a bird in flight
Propelled by my own power, inertia, and a steel chain
I wanna go again, and feel like this forever

See the baby, lying in a manger
See the wise men stare upon the stranger
Do you scratch your head in wonder, or devotion
Take a pass or drink the magic potion

What will you do when they scream "Psychotic"
What will you say when they call your name?

I am lying on the couch, with a Xanax kicker
I look out at the bridge and see the traffic there
Why do I get so wound up when it doesn't really matter
All my thoughts are tattered, here and now
Track Name: Disappear

Is there a chance for us, is there hope upon this rock
I see promise here, I see beautiful light.. all around

In your eye, I see life, I see you

Is there hope for us, will freedom win the day
I hear music here, I hear beautiful sound.. all around

Everywhere, I hear life, I hear you

You've got me runnin' for the door
But my legs are heavy they won't carry me no more
Everythings' closing in real fast

I don't wanna have to be the one that tells you
I don't wanna have to be the one that breaks the news
If there's any way I can avoid this situation
If so, I'll be the first to disappear
Track Name: Will You Steal The Time
Will You Steal The Time

I just wanna ride in the molecules inside
And I have no illusion that I can control the tide
This is no stroll in the park, its hereto for unknown to me

If I come back to your side, will you screw my mind
If I leave in just one hour will you steal the time
Track Name: On & On & On
On & On & On

Words & Music by Allen Wentz

Get up, dressed
Cleaned up so I don't scare away the hired help
Coffee, toast
On the road without a glitch

Which planet is this
The one with all the fairy tales
I like them the best
They have hope that they can live forever


My number, is six
Guess I know how that will sit
Moments with you
Are what I live for

Day's done ok
That was one I might remember
Tall one with chips
Then off to sleep without a glitch
Track Name: The World
The World

Sometimes I want to cry
I want to pack my things and drive away
I really need a change of scenery

Sometimes I want to die
The strange anxiety of nothing going on
The world outside my head, the worlds' outside my head

The hours speed along
References in decades I recall
Who is that man inside the pond, beside the pond

No mysteries revealed
Only knowledge I've acquired
The world inside my head, the worlds' inside my head
Track Name: A Trip to the O.R.
Trip to the O.R.

Only time will tell if I am going to make it out of here alive
My hearts' a victim of a crime, and my thoughts are so on fire
Maybe I have crossed the line or, maybe I just missed the point of
Why we do the things we do and, how much will I compromise, now
I have wasted too much time, with this thing upon my back
So bad I cannot see ahead
I have wasted too much time, at this point, in this place
So bad I cannot see ahead

Scenes from my memory, play out like a children's play
Every single day flys by this x-ray before my eyes
From my mind so strange from this experience

Things took for granted now become so precious
Days all have numbers and one day has mine
IV's and white coats so dry now is my throat
Days all have numbers and one day has mine
Track Name: Will She Meet Me
Will She Meet Me

Will she meet me in the morning for a cup of tea
Can I gather up the nerve to ask her out this evening
Will she greet me with a smile that reflects her heart
I hope that I will see a spark enough to start..
A flame, that will burn so bright
That it carries, carries us through the night

How will she feel after level one
If I fail my pursuit its 'cause I've just begun
How will I know just when to slip my message through
Will she open up a channel that will embrace two
A burst, of energy off the scale
Moving, to a chapter in a different tale

I wanna feel born again, to take my first breath of air
I sorta feel torn apart, leaving what I've known behind

(I go down before I stand upside down)
I gotta go down before I stand up
The taste of the wine inside of the cup
(Inside of the steeple bell thats ringing inside my skull)
This blistering pace is burnin' my skin
I don't really want much, I just wanna get in

A flame, that will burn so bright
That it carries, carries us through the night
A burst, of energy off the scale
Moving, to a chapter in a different tale
Track Name: Are You The One?
Are You The One?

You stir my soul
You make me want to grow some wings and fly away
Leaving everything behind and towards the son
Blinding me with light so bright
Are you the one?

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