Embrace Your Neurosis

by Allen Wentz

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Continuing down the road of experimentation. Its what I enjoy..


released July 7, 2010



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Allen Wentz New York

I'm just scratching out my thoughts on the wall of the cave. Hopefully someone will find them in a thousand years and wonder.. So thats what they were like back then?

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Track Name: Deadbolt
Got a dead bolt, locked around my heart
And its keepin' me from doing what I have to do.. to make a new start
And now I'm bound for that train
Got a first class ticket
Paid for by someone who came along before me with a promise & a hope

I look to the sky to see what I might
Have to uncover while day turns to night
I have no illusion of what is in sight
I don't need to see what I feel
Hold me close I am slipping away

Got a dead bolt, on both my doors
They keep out the ghosts that are under my bed.. and in that drawer
And now I'm bound for that train
But I lost my ticket
Gambled it away on a night I don't remember, Lord what was I thinkin'

Then I look in my hand and what do I see
A boarding pass authorized & made out to me
I said I don't deserve this you said I am what I'll be
Going home, heading home
Track Name: I See
I see, in the morning light
Every line upon your face
Each comes with a story of life lesson learned
And each one has its space
Please tell me oh Lord, what's this heaviness for
I'm dying to know, just what you have in store
For the closing chapter of this book that will end
All books end

I see, at the river's edge
A ripple round a stone
Distorting my view to the sand just below
Where muscle meets the bone
Please tell me the score, I'll go back to before
Where the wine & the whiskey blend into the shore
A fly passes by, I'm left wondering why
And the hourglass drains away

Try as I may, I've got nothing to say, do you
I stare into the sky, I stare into your eyes, they're true
I wander the hallways inside of my mind
Entering classrooms, I've lost all sense of time
And my direction home

Even though I thought a lot
Even though I thought a lot about it